From across Asia

g0v is a community that advocates transparency of information.

We are passionate coders, designers, activists, educators, writers and citizens.

Through working together to bring data into the open, we hope to build a better society.

Freedom of Speech and Information Transparency

We aim to use technology in the interest of the public good, allowing citizens easy access to vital information.
Open Data
Opening up and making data public allows the people to take a closer look at politics and important issues.
Public Tools
We build tools that empower people to evaluate their government and exert their democratic right to decide how politicians act.

Independent & Transparent

Our community is grassroots.

We are non-partisan, unbiased and not for sale. Participants decide what to work on and are at the heart of our communal culture.

You can contribute to our hackathons with your skills, ideas, time or donations, or provide support for specific projects.

Our Projects
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